Professional Book Strategist 


I can coach you wherever you are in the world right now!

It all started when you decided to write your

own best selling book!...

I know exactly how to help you! In fact, I've helped over 43 Entrepreneurs

become a #1 best-selling author!

We will structure your book and I will be your writing and accountability coach to help you overcome challenges in the writing process.  As a number one best-selling author, I understand all of the moving components that must come together to create your best-selling book. 


Get in touch to find out when our next enrollment date is and

become a best-selling Author today!

Group Coaching Starts at £497

121 Book Coaching Starts at £1997 (Limited Spaces)


I care about you! I care about the support you get, and I care about your success.


I will hold your hand every step of the way when you make that exciting decision to write your first book! I will guarantee you a number one best selling book!


I've walked the path your walking, and I can now share my knowledge and expertise to help YOU!

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Absolutely anyone who wants to write a book! 

I help men & women from all walks of life around the world, and you may not know what to write about yet, but that's where I come in!

There is no other feeling than writing your very own book! I'm so excited for you!  


Nicole Pretence 

Working with Tracey has been an exciting, rewarding, and beneficial journey. She has guided me in writing my first collaboration piece by giving me the steps to take to produce writing that speaks to my ideal client and effectively shares my story. For being a young entrepreneur, working with Tracey and becoming a best selling author gives me a Trust Stamp that speaks volume to my potential client and opens up opportunities to serve them in my zone of genius.


Ellie Webb 

Tracey is my Book Coach and PR Strategist, in fact, she is THE Book Coach and PR Strategist. She has been fundamental to my success with my manuscripts to this point! I wouldn’t have known where to start without her and there’s no other Book Coach out there right now that acts with more class and integrity than her.

She’s patient, informative, kind, and knows exactly what she’s doing and how to make the best out of what I’ve produced.

Tracey you’re one kickass woman!


Andrea Walters

I always knew I loved to write but had no idea where to start with a book. Tracey makes it so easy. She really is an expert in her field. Working with Tracey has made writing a book so easy. She is an amazing coach and has inspired me to write many more and I haven’t even finished my first one. Thank you for your inspiration, expertise and support Tracey.

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