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Five Reasons Why You Should Write A Book

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

1. You will be badass and have that credibility - Having a best selling book gives you credibility and authority (Author means authority) It gives you power especially if you're in business and want to attract your ideal client. A book will give you massive credibility in your field, and it will provide you with the stamp of approval so your clients or customers will know they can trust you. Just think that if you were looking to hire an expert or coach and you had the choice between the one who has been seen globally, had lots of exposure and credibility or the one on facebook with no presence or credibility, who would you choose? Writing your own best selling book or books (the more, the better) gives you that credibility with loyal followers which is priceless. It’s something that will accelerate your success.

2. You can leave a legacy - Maybe you've always wanted to write a book for no reason at all! You just do! You can leave a legacy for generations to come and have that incredibly proud feeling that you've done something that many people only dream of doing.

3. The self-development is huge! - Writing a book can help you so much with your self-development. Even if you're not a writer and don't have an idea what to write about then deciding to write can bring you so many possibilities. It's a skill you can master even though you've never done anything like it before.

4. You can share your knowledge and story with others - Helping others and adding value to peoples lives gives you an incredible feeling of purpose. Whatever your story you have the power to help others who need help and turn peoples lives around with a book! It’s your mission as a coach to help others and make their lives better and this way you can help more people globally make their lives better.

5. You will find a new passion - You will fall in love with writing, and after your first book has been published you'll probably want to write more books! Don't wait till next year, five years, ten or twenty years down the line. You need to go and do it!

Happy writing and don't forget to let me know how you get on and the name of your book so I can grab a copy!

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