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Switch Your Attitude With Gratitude

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Gratitude – It’s effortless and in today's lifestyle it's so easy to forget about the things we have, as we mostly concentrate on the things we want! Thanks to the advertisement agencies on the radio, T.V. The countless magazines and newspapers, not to mention the growing online revolution especially the rise of social media.

A good question to ask yourself is “When was the last time I popped a cork to celebrate anything?" and I’m not talking about weddings etc. Or “When was the last time I thanked someone for something that they have done for me on a daily basis?"

Have you ever actually sat down and written out a list of all the things that you currently have and that you are grateful for or have achieved?

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal or even heard about a journal? To be honest, I hadn’t heard of a journal until recently so don’t feel left out! But after reading a lot of books on mindset, motivational material and the success of others, from businessmen and women to actors, sporting heroes and musicians, something that runs true throughout and that is, they all write a daily gratitude journal.

Coincidence? Well after researching all about gratitude it was apparent that a massive piece of the jigsaw puzzle on becoming successful is pointing towards gratitude. So start with a gratitude journal, begin by writing down on a daily basis 5-10 things that you are grateful for. It could be the air that you breathe, or the place where you live, or the family and friends you have around you. It could be something great that happened that day, write down whatever means the most to you.

Do some research yourself and just try it.

This will give you a happier, healthier state of mind and you will see an improvement in your energy and your positivity. You should then go on to improve your working life that will present opportunities to you, all based on your new positive and happy frame of mind.

To receive, you must first give, and that starts with a thank you. You need to appreciate everything you have in your life and be thankful for even the smallest of things.

Only when you are genuinely thankful for what you already have you will receive more of what you want. We touched on the morning ritual, so again do this every morning as well as each night, and take your gratitude rock wherever you go. Touch it or give it a rub every time you are truly grateful for something, It could be you got the parking space exactly where you wanted one. It could be that you were genuinely appreciative to spend time with good friends, be grateful and never take things for granted and make sure you read ‘The Secret.'

If you want to turn your life around, be thankful more often, It really will change your life.

Be grateful and happy every day, and remember a healthy mind and a healthy body will lead to a healthy life. Be thankful for your past, for both the positive and the negative events, because your past is what has made you into the person you are today.

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