• traceymunro

Wants And Needs

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Your goals should be split between your wants and what you needs. So many people look at all the shiny things and just aim for those, I mean those big dreams and goals are important, and they should be in your plans, but it is hard to keep focused on those bigger goals, because they are so far away.

So we need to start with the needs first. The average mind can only see and focus on a maximum of around nine weeks ahead. So when we are talking about driving a Ferrari and living on Malibu beach, it’s obvious that these goals are years and not weeks away. So staying focused and motivated is going to be hard if you're working purely towards these goals. I’m guessing all of your needs, and in fact, pretty much all of your dreams, and goals will have a monetary value to them. Aim for all the things that will make your life just that little bit easier. Think about paying off debt, again this will be small gradual stepping stones which will help you in the long run.

You need small stepping stones, imagine yourself crossing that river with stepping stones. It would be impossible to cross the river without getting wet if you just had one stone in the middle of the river, you just could not cross. But by having lots of stepping stones spaced out evenly so you can simply step from stone to stone until you get to the other side is so much easier.

Goal setting is similar; you need those small stepping stones to keep you motivated, it shows that your plan is working and it feels incredible to tick off those goals along the way, ready to go for the big stuff! Imagine having the attitude, “I have achieved that, what’s next!”

Just imagine instead of being behind on your credit card payments you were ahead and paying more than the minimum amount! You have the power to be able to do just that! Just remember that this is only possible if you work your plans.