The Rise Of The Female Entrepreneur

In "Rise of the Female Entrepreneur," embark on an empowering journey as 23 remarkable women unveil their inspiring success stories. Timed perfectly with International Women's Day, this collection showcases the resilience, innovation, and triumphs of female entrepreneurs across diverse industries.

Dive into the pages and discover tales of courage, determination, and breakthroughs that shattered glass ceilings. From overcoming challenges to building empires, these women share their insights, strategies, and the lessons learned on their paths to success.

By Lyndsey Meredith, Gillian Devine, Anna Anderson, Karen Deulofeu, Andrea Rainsford, Aneeta Marshall Law, Ali Braid, Charlotte Dover, Dorothy Norris, Gemma Howarth, Janey Holliday, Jenna Richardson, Jessica Harvey, Jo Douglas, Jo Mould, Joanna Oakley, Alvina Menzies, Kate Gerald, Kathleen Van den Berghe, Kaytie Chambers, Laura Davies, Linda Scerri, and Sarah Makinde

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From Fear To Flourish

Embark on a transformative journey with Amanda as she unveils the secrets to entrepreneurial triumph in this must-read collaboration for aspiring visionaries and seasoned business leaders alike. Whether you're contemplating the inception of a venture or aiming to elevate your existing project, Amanda and these fearless entrepreneurs generously share their intimate stories and insights that will be your compass.

In collaboration with influential women who've conquered self-imposed obstacles, each narrative unveils the deeply personal motivations that led these women to start their business. Amanda also delves into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, offering invaluable wisdom on starting, building, and scaling a thriving business. Bid farewell to self-sabotage, anxiety, and overwhelm as Amanda and these women of influence guides you to unlock your untapped potential. By Amanda Brenkley & Co

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The secret diaries of a female entrepreneur

What really goes on behind the scene screen of a successful female entrepreneur… Is it really how it looks on Instagram? Entrepreneurship is tough! Some days are more painful than chewing glass and that’s why not everyone makes it in business. It is important to draw inspiration from people who already have what we are working to create but it is also painfully demotivating to only receive one side of the story. In this brand new book, 20 incredible women share their journey to success completely unfiltered.

Each woman is different in their approach to business and have experienced challenges in different ways.They share their stories of breakthrough and break down so that you, the reader, can learn from their mistakes and take solace in the fact that you are not alone in your struggle to greatness.

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Little Miss Slay

One of the toughest decisions in life is to leave a job that you are well settled in and finally go on to pursue your dreams, this happened to me, and I could not be more proud of myself. Finally, I was free from 9-5 time frame, and I was in the wild wild world of imagination and creativity. But I also knew that being an International Makeup Artist was anything but a walk on a bed of roses. It had its own hardships, financial burdens and worst of insecurities.

I did not know how much stress this entrepreneurial adventure would bring me and how I would be able to cope up with everything. But, I am a woman with a strong will, and I had a goal to achieve. This is my story of how I finally achieved success in a field that so many people thought had no prospect of success for me.

This book is for everyone who wants to break the norms of the professional world and do something previously unexplored. Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists and Beauty Artists can especially benefit from this as I discuss the struggles which they can relate. They will also be able to take always methods that they can implement their own journey of being a beauty artist.You can live the life you've imagined if you follow your heart, follow your dreams and never give up.


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Monetise your message

Monetise Your Message is filled with personal stories, great tips and loads of advice from 21 inspiring female entrepreneurs who discovered their natural brilliance and turned it into an income. A collection of real-life stories from real women and their different approaches to business.

Written with true passion, these 21 successful entrepreneurs from a range of different industries, will surely empower you to want to up-level your business, passion and lifestyle. Authors: Amanda Jane Duggan, Brónagh Lyons, Carol Trengereid, Carolyn Searson, Emma Colsey-Nicholls, Fay Semple, Gems Collins, Jennifer Ellis, Joanne Carter-Fulton, Melanie Lomax, Nicola Harker, Sam Evans, Sarah Curcio, Sasha Buy, Sharon Berini, Shiyanti Sarah Kantha, Simone Erotokritou, Sophie Starkey, Suzanne James, Tiia Ojala, Victoria Burgess.

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